• Sand casting machine casting and casting effect

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  • The best equipment for car parts casting

Cooperation Case

Vietnam foundry manufacturer

Production of iron rings using three sand casting machines

Korean foundry

Production of auto parts using sand casting machine

Indian foundry

Production of mechanical parts using sand casting machines

Iranian foundry

Production of sewing machine parts using sand casting machine

Dewatering video

Air compressor parts casting

The machine is easy to operate and horizontally divided to facilitate the laying of the sand core.+86-13926236830

Bearing seat sand casting production line

Automated mass production of sand casting production line, high efficiency, labor saving and cost saving.

Agricultural machinery parts modeling

No need for professional workers, one person can operate the machine, low failure, low energy consumption.

Motor end cover sand casting machine

The height of sand mold is adjustable and the template is fixed with four screws, which is simple and convenient