Sand casting machine Z4252

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Sand casting machine

Sand box size (length * width): 420*520mm

Sand box height (CNC adjustment): Upper sand box80--150mm;Lower sand box80--150mm

Modeling method: Air blast sand + hydraulic extrusion.

Modeling speed: 35sec/mold 100molds/hr(Time without sand core)

Input voltage: AC220V--380V(Operating DC24V)

Motor Power: 11KW

Machine net weight: 8000KG

The control mode: Touch screen/PLC

Die type: Aluminum double panel

The hydraulic oil: Anti-wear hydraulic oil # 46

Operating features of sand casting machine:

1. The sand casting machine adopts the one-button operation, without the need for professional workers to press the start button once for each complete molding (under the working condition of no core). If the workpiece of the core is needed, it will be automatically stopped after selection of the procedure.

2. Labor saving: the worker changes from working type to skilled type and reduces much physical effort. It also solves the problem of difficulty and high cost of recruitment.

3. The equipment can use ordinary coal powder sand, ceramic sand and red sand. The sand used by general molding machine can be used, and the requirements on sand are not high.

4. Template installation: four screws are fixed, and replacement is completed within five minutes, which is suitable for frequent replacement of molds.

5. Mold hardness: the mold hardness can be adjusted freely according to the requirements of different castings. It is very convenient and quick to adjust only a few parameters.

6. The casting height can be adjusted to save sand: the upper and lower compacted plates can be adjusted to produce different casting height.

7. Precision of fit: the mold and fit are all carried out in the unified positioning template and sandbox system, with high repetition precision.

8. Constant and uniform casting quality: the machine adopts high-precision mechanical positioning system, microcomputer and position detection linkage, and the whole moldingprocess is fully controlled without human interference, so the molding quality is stable, uniform, efficient and reliable.

9. Safety protection device: advanced light screen protection to ensure the personal safety of operators.

10. Time saving: about 33 seconds per box, and it can reach 80-120 boxes per hour. One machine can replace 8-10 molding workers.

11. Horizontal parting makes it easy to lower the core and the weight error of the casting is small.


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