Principle of sand casting machine

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Sand casting machine used in the manufacture of sand mold casting equipment, sand casting machine working process is divided into sand filling automatically, automatic sand, compaction, the automatic demoulding automatically, automatic push type and parameters have been set, only need to press a button can work automation, simple operation, no professional operators, the work efficiency of a sand casting machine is almost equivalent to ten modelling work efficiency, artificial very province.

1. Sand feeding: the sand is well adjusted through the mixing line. The sand is sent to the incident sand box through the conveyor belt, in which the conveyor belt is controlled by our machine.

2. Closing box: stop sand feeding when a certain amount of sand is reached in the sand shooting box, and the cylinder of the middle box sends the mold into the sand box to close the box.

3. Sand shooting: sand shooting starts after the operation of the sand box is completed.

4. Compaction: finish the sand shooting process and carry out sand mold compaction.

5. Mold withdrawal: when the sand mold is compacted, the sand box will open the mold and the middle box cylinder will push out the mold.

6. Sand core: when the mold exits, the products that need the sand core are under the sand core at this time, and the products that do not need the sand core are directly under the mold.

7. Mold closing: after the sand core is finished, click the "the core is finished" operation button for mold closing. Products without the sand core need to be molded directly by the machine.

8. Sand mold rollout: the sand mold is rolled out after mold closing. At this time, the finished sand mold can be transferred to the casting site for casting.


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